Synchrony is the former financing arm of GE, spun off in 2014. In the first few years, Synchrony focused on underwriting credit programs and cards for large retail brands; in recent years, Synchrony has shifted its focus to supporting small businesses through operational and transactional tools services.
The digital footprint for Synchrony encompasses over two dozen websites, but the majority of the traffic drives to the corporate site,, the business site, and the bank site The first two were developed and maintained by my team; the bank site was managed by a separate team.
Synchrony Sites
The main gateway for Synchrony was originally designed purely for investors, but over the years the primary audience has gradually shifted to small business owners. Synchrony pursues a B2B2C strategy, offering small businesses the insight and guidance Synchrony gains from working with their larger private label partners.
Small business owners are funneled to the Synchrony Business Solutions site, a sales tool outlining the strengths of Synchrony’s small business products, services and support programs. The site also demonstrates Synchrony’s tremendous amount of industry specific expertise in the automotive, healthcare and home improvement categories (among others).
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